The disease of obesity

Obesity affects upwards of 60% of cats and dogs making it arguably the most common disease in pets today. Pets with obesity are at risk of suffering considerable reduction in both quality and quantity of life. Obesity is also a disease that is often affiliated with other conditions, such as arthritis, orthopedic injuries, chronic urinary tract infections, and feline diabetes, amongst others. Most importantly, obesity is both treatable and preventable and this is where Graham Mobile Veterinary Weight Management Services can help.

Unleashing the healthier pet within

Graham Mobile Veterinary Weight Management Services is dedicated exclusively to improving the quality of life of cats and dogs suffering from obesity as well as to the maintenance of pets who have overcome obesity and, of course, to the prevention of obesity in the first place.

Our mission is to work with our clients to create a safe and effective weight management program with realistic goals tailored to the unique needs of the pet and the household. We are here to support the client through the entire program to maximize the likelihood of success and celebrate every accomplishment along the journey.

Graham Mobile Veterinary Weight Management Services firmly maintains that the primary resource for weight management is the pet’s regular veterinary practice and we are happy to offer support directly to veterinary teams for their weight management cases through our Veterinary Consultation service. However sometimes weight management cases fall outside of what the regular veterinary practice can offer. Our role within the veterinary health care team is to assist with situations such as:

  • Circumstances where the regular veterinary practice is not offering weight management as part of their services
  • Clients requiring or desiring a higher level of support during the weight management program than what their regular veterinary practice can offer
  • Previously unsuccessful weight management cases
  • Multi-pet households which may have additional challenges for pursuing weight management
  • Cases where house call visits are ideal for the pet and/or the client – anxious or fearful pets, pets that are challenging to transport, clients located far from their regular veterinary practice, clients with limited transportation options, etc.
  • Puppies and kittens at risk for obesity or already suffering from obesity during growth
  • Cases where intense weight management is needed to address an underlying condition – orthopedic cases where weight loss is imperative to surgical success, debilitation cases where mobility is further impacted by obesity, feline diabetes cases where remission may potentially be achieved with weight loss, etc.
  • Cases where a concurrent medical condition may make weight management more challenging such as allergic conditions, kidney disease, etc. (Note that some of these situations may require referral to or consultation with a board-certified Veterinary Clinical Nutritionist or other veterinary specialist)

Our services are offered exclusively through house call visits and telemedicine and can be obtained through either referral by the pet’s regular veterinary practice or self-referral by the client. Graham Mobile Veterinary Weight Management Services always strives to maintain open communication with the regular veterinary practice to ensure optimal continuity of care for the pet.

Ultimately, our goal is to work seamlessly within the veterinary health care team to support the client, together unleashing the healthier pet within!

Dr. Kirsten Graham, DVM

Kirsten graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2005 after first completing a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Master of Science at Queens University. Her experience in the veterinary field is diverse, including working in both small and large animal practice and in the pet nutrition industry at Royal Canin Canada. She additionally has volunteered her veterinary expertise at sled dog races including the Can-Am Crown International Sled Dog Race – a qualifier for the Iditarod and Yukon Quest – and currently as a first responder for the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, providing emergency care for injured native turtles.

During her seven years as an associate at Royal Canin Canada, Kirsten developed a passion for weight management, becoming the subject matter expert for the business. She was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the University of Liverpool’s Weight Management Clinic – a world-renowned facility for the research and treatment of pet obesity – which provided the inspiration for Graham Mobile Veterinary Weight Management Services. Kirsten is known for her practical, positive, and non-judgemental approach to weight management cases and she particularly enjoys the challenge of situations that require creativity and problem-solving to achieve success.

In her personal life, Kirsten’s favourite pastime is backcountry canoe-tripping which she often pursues solo on extended trips. She lives with her husband and family on a dairy farm near Rockwood, Ontario. Besides the cows, her family has several pets, some of whom have had obesity and have overcome their disease through careful weight management. With Kirsten’s first-hand personal experience, she can truly empathize with clients when it comes to addressing obesity in their own pets. Kirsten looks forward to working with her clients and their pets to unleash the healthier pet within and celebrate every success during the weight management journey!


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